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Luciferianism and general witchcraft, though lately I’ve been busy with life stuff.

Paganism including Asa/Vana/Rokkatru and sometimes PC paganism and Luciferian stuff on here. And I’m Lokean.

I don’t post a lot but when I do it’s witchcraft

Polite Society Poison (Curse or Protection)



In a beautiful bottle (that is either dark or covered with a big label), fill the bottle 3/4 full of equal parts honey and sugar, a squeeze of lemon juice (1/2 tsp at most).

Fill remainder of the bottle with poisonous ornamental flowers and their leaves (do so carefully, Mums and Lantanas in particular are skin irritants), eg: Azaleas, Mums, Hydrangeas, ornamental onion (Allium), Lantana, some Lilies.

Close the bottle and steep at least over night. Keep this in a dark place, but not too cool unless you want your honey to crystallize. Enchant how you see fit.

Add to spells in which you want the effected target to be completely unaware that something is wrong; in fact, things will be sweet and fine at first, then they’ll suddenly be hit with the horrible reality and they’ll have no reason to believe it was you because you’re an absolute peach.

Five Common Plants You Might Not Realize are Poisonous

i have this odd feeling my plants wont germinate, the ones outside 8(

but i planted some chamomile and cilantro inside, hopefully these germinate!!

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Lavender Wand

Patience: A Spell Jar


  • jar
  • bay leaf
  • black pepper
  • fennel seed
  • lavender 
  • peppermint

Combine ingredients in jar as desired. Keep near your bed or desk. Whichever place you spend more time.

pocketfulofrocketfuel asked: Heya you, do you know of any good resources to kinda introduce me to paganism? In the UK it's not really a thing, in that because of the legacy of aggressive Christianity it's seen as something to not understand, or to mock, or to not see at all. I was always interested in it as a child and I'd like to learn about it, given that there's a chance it might actually fit quite closely with my beliefs atm. Cheers for any help and have a nice day ^_^


 I know how you feel there, honey.

 First, you need to know what KIND of paganism you’re attracted to. It helps a great deal with the whole searching process. I find that the easiest way to find resources is through other pagans. I’d be happy to help, but here’s a resource site if you’re wondering:

Pagan Resources