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Protection Methods



A few of my personal methods, and by no means a complete list.

  1. Salt, rosemary, and water wash. Combine salt, rosemary, and water into a large bowl. Visualize protective and cleansing energies entering the bowl. Be specific in what you want to be protected from. Use the wash around your home, especially doorways and windows. Create protective sigils using the wash, if you wish.
  2. Chalk sigils. Draw them on the foundation of your house, sidewalks, underneath floorboards, or in the walls if you’re remodeling your home.
  3. Wards. Used to defend against specific things, and keep them away.
    ~ Hex signs - circular painted symbols. Different patterns and colors have different meanings, but you can always create your own.
    ~ Spider houses - specific spaces designated for spiders to live to keep away insects and other creatures that are pests or feed off of energy. I use rocks, boxes, and small flower pots, and draw protective sigils on them.
    ~ Alerts - sound makers hung outside of the home. They alert you of possible harm, and defend against it. Chimes can be purposed to do this. You can also create your own using various items, such as string, wire, beads, shells, bells, anything you can think of that makes noise.
  4. Witch Ball. Clear balls hung up around the home to capture harmful energy, that can be cleansed.
  5. Witch Jar. Jar filled with broken glass, nails, pins, and whatever you feel will protect you. Seal it with wax and bury it in your yard.
  6. Charm bags. Bags filled with protective herbs and items. If you don’t have sachets or fabric, you can use a coffee filter or paper and string or ribbon. Hang them around the house, in a vehicle, or even carry one with you.
  7. Amulets. An item worn, usually jewelry, purposed to protect you from specific harms, such as illness, jealousy, or unwanted spirits.
  8. Glamours. Glamours are intended to make others see you how you want to be seen, or not seen. They can be as simple as a chant, “I will travel unnoticed,” “I will blend in with my surroundings,” “Others will not see me.” Focus on this energy, and push it out of you to create a barrier.
  9. Energy Shield. Choose an element that you feel connected to, and visualize it creating a protective shield around you. For instance, you might visualize yourself surrounded by fire, waves, lightning storms, or tornadoes.
  10. Protection Candle. Charge a candle with protective energy. Visualize the energy as an egg, growing around the candle, yourself, and your home. Light the candle any time you feel you need added protection.
  11. Ask for help. If you work with spirits, ask them if they’re willing to help protect you.

three more ideas: black salt, witches ladders and war water. also, wearing/carrying strong protection stones, such as hematite, black obsidian, black tourmaline, amethyst, or tiger’s eye.

reaver93 asked: I see you posted some gems and herbs related to air. Being a child of the ocean, I was hoping you could provide a similar list for water - I would much appreciate it! Blessed be my friend! ^_^


Hello, these are some stones and herbs associated with water. :)


Lemon balm
Mourning glory
Solomon’s seal


Blue lace agate
Lapis lazuli
Blue topaz

On the Fae—from my family tradition



Disclosure! This is based on the stories I heard from my family growing up! It is a very “family tradition” telling of ways to deal with the Fae. Mind you, my whole family passes down two things “very important” about the Fae, and then a bunch of tid-bit stuff. 1.) We have fae in our blood line (but who has family from a Celtic or Germanic nation and hasn’t heard that?) and 2.) Fae, of any court, will trick you just to see if they can, so always be careful.

Having said that, this is a quick list of things I was taught about dealing with the Fae

  1. The Fae are tricksters. They can not lie (on pain of death) but they will do everything in their ability to trick you, because it’s a game.
  2. Do NOT eat or drink anything the Fae offer you. If you ingest anything from their world you can’t leave, because the magic of the world will snare you.
  3. Some Fae are flat our evil. Some enjoy hurting people, and do it for fun.
  4. The Seelie court is not the “good” court, just the court of illusion and glamour
  5. The UnSeelie court is not the “evil” court, just the court of shadows and intrigue
  6. Not all Solitary Fae were banished from a court, some chose to leave. Not all Solitary Fae were banished for being “evil”, but some simply for refusing to follow directions from a higher ranking Fae, or for failing to conform to the “rules” of the court.
  7. The Slough is The Host, The Wild Hunt….they hunt down betrayers, oath-breakers, liars, thieves, and the like, and execute them. While the Slough is not evil, they are strict, and frightening.
  8. Fae in your garden is good luck
  9. You can leave the Fae offerings to promote a peaceful relationship. If you’re useful, then you’re likely to be left alone 
  10. Do not dance with the Fae, because you’ll become enspelled and dance till you die
  11. Do not step through a fairy ring, it’s easier to get into their world than it is to get out.
  12. Do not go seeking out ways to see Fae who wish to remain invisible. They want to be left alone for a reason, and can/may very well take your sight if you can see through their illusions
  13. To invite Fae who wish to be seen, leave honey, milk, or fresh bread by your garden
  14. Wear iron to keep a Fae from being able to grab you
  15. Hang iron above a childs crib to keep Fae from trading them out with a changling
  16. Let your children play with the Fae they see, so as not to offend the Fae, but never let them follow them
  17. Don’t play with water Fae, they don’t understand you need air to breath and live
  18. Don’t share blood with a Fae. They can enspell you if you give them your blood or hair
  19. Don’t use your full name when dealing with the Fae. Names have power, and if they learn your full name they can have power over you
  20. Mirrors do not reflect a Fae’s glamour perfectly, you can tell a Fae among mortals because their reflection will look "off"

taurotrickster knotted-vines am I forgetting anything?

I needed this I am convinced that there are fae on the mountain where my boyfriend lives



ohoooo boy. take a seat, kids, let’s talk about why dionysos is called “thrice-born.” this is gonna be fun.

according to some versions of legends about dionysos’ birth, his first mother was persephone, who was seduced by zeus disguised as a serpent. persephone bore zagreus, who, for the sake…

Self-Love Spray


Purpose: If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, mist yourself with this Self-Love Spray.

Materials: A spray bottle (alternatively, you can use a regular bottle and simply dab the mixture on yourself); 12 fresh rose petals; lavender essential oil; a lemon; a pot/cauldron; a stove, fire, or kettle; 4 cups water.

This spell is best done…: During a waning moon.


Cast circle and call quarters if desired. Ground and centre if needed.

Concentrate on driving away negative feelings. Visualize what pain, anxiety, and self-hate look like. What colours are they? What do they feel like? For me, negative feelings are dark brown and feel gritty like wet sand or dirt. Next, visualize what good feelings look and feel like. Imagine these good feelings replacing the bad. Say:

"I bless this work with self-love."

Pour 4 cups water into the pot. If you don’t have a stove or fire, boil the water in a kettle before you add it. To the water, add 12 drops lavender essential oil. As you add the oil, say:

"I banish anxiety. I bring peace."

Add 12 rose petals, saying:

"I banish pain. I bring love."

Add the juice of a fresh lemon, saying:

"I banish negativity. I bring happiness."

Pour all the good energy you can into the mixture. I like holding my hands over the pot and picturing myself literally pouring bright light into the pot as if it’s water running from my fingers. Say:

"Darkness is banished and light comes to me. So mote it be." *

Bring the water to a boil and let sit, uncovered, for about 20 minutes (or, it kettle was used, let sit for 20 minutes). Strain the mixture into a bottle and discard the petals and any other leftover materials in the water (i.e. lemon seeds).

Carry the bottle with you, spraying yourself whenever you feel the need to. I like halving the mixture; keep a bottle put away, and carry a tiny mister with you.

*You can replace “So mote it be” with any statement you wish.

Spell written by: Deborah Lipp
Spell from: Llewellyn’s 2014 Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac
Do not remove credit

Phlegethon Water


Phlegethon is one of the five rivers in the realm of Hades. Phlegethon is a river of flames, that encircles the earth, runs through the underworld parallel to Styx, and flows into Tartarus.

Phlegethon Spell Water can be used to protection, cleansing, destruction, and curses.

*Not for Ingestion* 

  • Hot peppers, the hotter the better
  • Soot (this can be from a fire, incense, or it can be burned out matches as well)
  • Blood (be safe and sanitary if drawing blood, and remember you only need a few drops. You can also use blood from the butcher shop. And if you aren’t okay working with blood, try bones or graveyard dirt)
  • Clear alcohol (everclear, rubbing alcohol, ect…) or kerosene 

Hot peppers are going to get muddled with a bit of the alcohol before everything else gets added. This might be a bit literal, but it’s because they burn. It’s kind of sadistic, but if I splash a bit of this on my hands, I want it to burn a bit so I remember it is of Phlegethon, and all that implies.

Soot is both the proof that there was/is fire, and it’s the remnants left after fire destroys something. Fire is destructive and cleansing, but it always leaves proof that it was there. Again, this is pretty literal for me.

Blood is to tie it to the underworld, and to the river Styx. In mythology, Phlegethon was a God the same time Styx was a Goddess, and She loved Him, but couldn’t be with Him without destroying Herself. So, when They were made to be rivers in the underworld, Zeus aligned Them that They ran side by side and would occasionally join, as reward to Styx for Her aid in fighting the titans.

Muddle your peppers in a bit of alcohol or kerosene, the add the soot, a bit of blood, and the rest of the liquid. Charge. And let set for three nights. The night before the new moon, the night of the new moon, and the night after. Strain, and store in a dark bottle. Aaaaaand, congratulations! you’ve got fire in a bottle! you can even light it on fire for ceremony, ritual, or spellwork if you want, just be careful. Be careful with open fire, and be careful because of the pepper oils in the smoke.